Welcome at the European Donations Seal

The European Donations Seal is THE Seal of quality for all charitable, benevolent and clerical nonprofit-organisations (NPOs) in Europe

Of Fees

  • inquiry and order processing once 180, – €
  • The annual fees are 0.05 % of fundraising revenue last year .
  • The fees amount to at least 420 , – € and a maximum of 5.400, – € .
  • The specified Gebührern are net prices. Increase is the current VAT
  • In EU countries the VAT is not payable on the invoice.

Submitting the following Unterlagenn is required :

  • the statute
  • the notice of exemption from the tax office
  • registration with the local court (if available)
  •  the last two annual financial statements
  • the last two annual activity statements
  • an audit report if available
  • the names and home addresses of the persons who have powers Account

Costs of auditing

Expenses and costs of audit reports as well as expenses such as travel costs and the
Cost of the audit by an auditor or an auditing firm
borne by the applicant .