Welcome at the European Donations Seal

The European Donations Seal is THE Seal of quality for all charitable, benevolent and clerical nonprofit-organisations (NPOs) in Europe

Criteria for awarding the European Donations Seal by Application

The EUROPEAN DONATIONS SEAL may be received after severe audit if the following documents have been provided or requirements are met:

  • The constitution
  • The notice of exemption by the financial authorities
  • The activities report which also has to be provided to the financial authorities
  • A declaration that the European Transparency Codex has been accepted and will be regarded
  • Publication of the data according to the guidelines of the initiative ‘Transparent civil organization’
  • A declaration that the executive agents are in orderly and regulated economic conditions.

The EUROPEAN DONATIONS SEAL – PLUS can be received if the above mentioned documents have been enclosed, if the criteria for the European Transparency Codex are met, and if the expenditures and earnings have been audited by an independent audit firm chosen by the European Donations Seal.

The European Donations seal is very aware that not all your business and personal concerns and characteristics always fit into a fixed, predefined model. Special concerns can be discussed with us, and will be regarded during the audit.

C) Revocation of the Seal
The seal can be revoked. The revocation of the Seal should only be the ultimate last step after a number of supporting and later step-by-step sanctioning measures, since the revocation of the seal most likely will have a negative impact on the entire donations market, most likely resulting in other non-profit organizations suffering as well. This is especially true if the affected organization has built up public attention, trust and reliability, and has a strong position in public opinions.
In case of revocation of the Seal from a nonprofit-organisation, the European Donations Seal may publish the reasons for the revocation on its webpage.

D) Arbitration
Should the revocation of a Seal approach due to all offered support, the non-profit organization has the chance to object to the revocation. This objection has to be addressed to the European Transparency Codex Commission. Insofar, the members of the Commission also function as arbiters.


Europäisches Spendensiegel geprüft und zertifiziert