Welcome at the European Donations Seal

The European Donations Seal is THE Seal of quality for all charitable, benevolent and clerical nonprofit-organisations (NPOs) in Europe

Our Aims

In our opinion, there is no sufficient guideline of surveillance for non-profit organizations in Germany and the EU that both strengthens the interests of the donators on the one hand and doesn’t ignore the economic concerns of the nonprofit-organizations too much on the other hand.

Usually, the only surveillance that takes place is carried out by the financial authorities. In Germany, those authorities basically focus on the adherence of the regulations set by German law (Abgabenordnung). Furthermore, only the fewest charitable organizations that collect donations are validated by independent institutions or experts.

That’s why Germany and Europe need legally binding guidelines and criteria to guarantee transparence of the nonprofit-organizations.

Uniform regulations regarding taxation, control and transparency need to be standardized within the EU in the medium or long term.

All in all, we want to enhance the regulations regarding the leading and control of an NPO. This includes the criteria for financial reporting and ethnic aspects.

We take a stand for transparent civil organizations, for civil commitment and for a positive sustainability of willingness to donate money.