Welcome at the European Donations Seal

The European Donations Seal is THE Seal of quality for all charitable, benevolent and clerical nonprofit-organisations (NPOs) in Europe

Guidelines and Principles

The European Donations Seal:

  • provides access to a Seal of Approval to all organizations that have been certified to be charitable, benevolent and/or clerical by the financial authorities.
  • supports the positive efforts of nonprofit-organizations without unnecessarily impeding their work or putting redundant boundaries and requirements to their fundraising.
  • does not want to intervene in the internal affairs of a nonprofit-organization more than necessary
  • inherently shapes no restrictions to advertising design and representation
  • regards that effectively working smaller nonprofit-organizations usually have a higher administration effort (staff, office etc.)
  • aims for building up a donation register for nonprofit-organizations acting and collecting donations in the European Union (long-term). This register follows the example of the company-register as seen in free economy (www.unternehmensregister.de)
  • aims for refining the European coordination processes regarding the awarding of the European Donations Seal and for refining the guidelines to transparence (medium-term)
  • aims for creating a quality assurance system that is viable from an economic point of view (medium-term)
  • aims for establishing and being able to provide a Web Trust Certificate (Internet: www.webtrust.org) (mediu-term)
  • Offers an exclusive selection of remarkable organizations worth a donation to the interested public.